October 2008

Federation soup next steps outlines some of the issues involved in interconnecting federations in the federation soup.

Liberty Alliance has published Deployment Guidelines for Policy Decision Makers
and a Legal Framework on federation agreements, with information about different federation types.

At the Terena conference TNC2007 we publised a paper on inter-federation agreements, Towards Interconnecting the Nordic Identity Federations with the Kalmar eIdentity Union as our case. The Kalmar eIdentity Union puts in place an inter-federation between the academic federations in the Nordic countries.

A kinder gentler federation agreement proposed by someone from the industry side.


This blog is intended to cover work on identity networks, federations and other related issues. Ideas will be posted for comments, do not expect my views to stay the same after your comments are read and considered.

The past years I have worked with issues related to federations in education. My day job is as manager of Feide and Chief Technical Officer for UNINETT, the Norwegian research network. For the time being, I am on maternal leave, staying home with my second son until February 2009.