Votes for acceptable names

Votes for acceptable names

We had a son to name.  And we named him. However we knew that our friends would have opinions.  The only way to solve the naming game was to let them have their say.  Our first step was to collect proposals, the next step to conduct an advisory referendum.

The proposals started coming in, and we soon realized that we would have to split the referendum into two parts.  Part one was with all the proposed names, and part two contained only the names we would seriously consider giving our son.

After the proposals were in, I set up two simple Foodles. Since we wanted to be able to point fingers at the persons who won the vote, and deride the loosers, the vote was certainly not going to be anonymous.   Andreas had set up the Foodles with cross federation support, so most of my friends could log in using their local username and password from their own federation.  Others had to register at the orphanage (Feide OpenIdP). And then the votes started coming in.

The acceptable names included Sigurd, Sverre, Knut, Knut Andreas, Helge and Brynjel. The proposed names included just about everything (Judas, Habakkuk, Faidah).

Alexander was the winner of the proposed names.  However, this name was not on the list of names that would be seriously considered by the almighty parents.  We sat down on at dinner and had a serious talk.  The decision was to name him Sverre, disregarding all votes.  Much to our surprise the vote for acceptable name had ended up voting Sverre the most popular proposal (we believed Sigurd had won the day).

The wish to name a child proved to be a killer app for cross federation, enabling the Feide team to gain valuable experience on technology and SAML2 implementational skills.   More on this in a separate posting on lessons learned.  For details on networking and babies, please refer to rfc1925.

To sum up: if you have opionionated friends (or family), the naming game is made easier by using Internet voting and federated authentication technologies.  Remember that parents MUST be almighty.