The first Official Norwegian Reports from the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministries that was delivered to parliament this year  NOU 2009: 1. Individ og integritet: Personvern i det digitale samfunnet (Norwegian only) on Privacy and Integrity.  My copy was waiting for me on my first day back at work.

Nothing beats 300 pages about privacy in you in-tray after half a year on maternity leave 🙂

NOU2009:1 is a comprehensive discussion of the privacy aspects and legislation. Emphasis is given to the principle of each individual controlling information about himself, and the various international treaties Norway has signed (among this the EU legislation. Among the proposals (my interpretation) are:

  • Adding privacy legislation in the Norwegian Constitution
  • Mandating a Privacy Officer in each school
  • Establish a Net Publishing Office responsible for ethical guidelines and conflict resolution for material published online.  Currently there is gap in guidelines for non-newspaper publisher.
  • Setting up an Internet Privacy Office where persons may appeal privacy breaches, and get help in removing material violating their privacy
  • Leveraging cryptographic skills, and applying these to emerging technology.  Public key infrastructures should be built and deployed as needed.
  • Privacy protection matters, hence Norway should be active in international work to protect privacy.
  • More work is needed to establish guidelines and regulations for minors and their online privacy rights.  The principle of increased influence on decision regarding the child as the child matures is not sufficiently reflected in the current privacy regulations.
  • Pseudonymity and removal of identifying characteristics, especially in health information, must be better regulated and deployments should be checked.
  • Privacy education in schools (and the general population) must improve in quality and quantity