A draft of federation protocols for Wave, the hot-of-hottest new collaboration tool from Google is presented in the draft General Verifiable Federation by Lea Kissner and Ben Laurie.  More white-papers are available from the Google Wave innards site.  Google Wave is announced as open source, and is  based on the principle of federation.

Wave itself is an example of what happens if the user experience is put in the driving site, and looks exciting!  The proof of the email system (and the instant message system, and document sharing, and photo sharing, and collaborative work, and sharing information) is the eating of the pudding, and I am looking forward to tasting the pudding.

Quote from the Wave presentation

Federation that was hard. So we are building this thing with live concurrent editing and chatting and instant messaging and pictures and all that stuff.  And then we throw federation into the mix, which vastly complicates things.  It would be so much easier, frankly, from an engineering point of view if we could just keep this proprietary and we control all the servers and we control all the update schedules and so on.  But we think it is worth the effort. We hope you can help us with this.  We think the world is better place if everyone can build wave systems with it.

The share abilities of federation technology is in focus.  As it should be.

The innards of wave technology remains to be auguried by resident high technologists.  But it looks cool.