For the first time there has been a major study of ICT usage in Norwegian higher education, to complement the biannually ITU monitor that has been conducted since 2003 for primary and secondary education.

The main finding is that there is great variation in use of ICT in higher education.  Some factoids

  • 92% of lecturers publish their lecure notes (slides) for the students in their class.  Lecturers make a real effort to share information?
  • 97% of students find lectures notes useful.  The lecturers effort to share information is appreciated?
  • 85% use a learning management system for their teaching/learning, most students use LMS for handing in assignments.  LMS works for managing learning, facilitates the learning administration?
  • Students depend on SMS as their primary mode of communication.  Cell phones really are body parts for students?
  • Staff depend on email for communication with other staff, but the majority use LMS-messages to communicate with students.  Does this indicate that communication patterns mould on work needs, or just a age differential?
  • There is no age difference in the staff use of ICT or attitude towards ICT  Contradicts earlier studies, but aligns with the need to use ICT to get the job done?
  • 4% of lecturers regularly publish sound/video of the lectures online, 9% publish some lectures.  High profile, but still early stages?
  • Student use of presentation tools (powerpoint etc) disappears as students go from secondary to higher education. Learning patterns change?
  • Institutes with ICT in their strategies have higher usage and more varied use of ICT than other institutes.  Think about what you do, and what you changes?

The different communication modes are interesting to note, I wonder how that will continue to play out as cell phones get integrated into the rest of the Internet.

Students spend on average

  • 10.4 hours/week on personal ICT
  • 1.7 hours/week on ICT use during teaching activities
  • 9.4 hours/week on ICT-supported studying

Students spend over 20 hours/week using ICT.  Given that they also on average spend 9 hours/week earning wages, the high use of ICT forms a large part of the student’s life.

There are more facts on the split in services used by staff and students, and this will impact federation services.  That information will have to wait for another day.

Pair in facts beats house of guesswork, to quote one of my colleagues.