My house was tagged with a little RFID tag yesterday.  It sits quietly inside the door jamb, under a sticker with the logo of the cleaning company.   When I got the CTO job, a condition from the family was to get cleaning help, and we got a company to come and clean the house.  They do a good job, and they work hard.

I suspect that the reason for the tag is to be able to change our bill if the cleaning of our house consistently runs over time, and to keep track of employees who slack off compared to others.  The latter is related to privacy, the first is economics.

The company sent us a letter two weeks before the sticker was applied.  The main topic of the letter was informing us about the sticker, since it sticks to stuff in our house and they would like us not to remove it by accident.  The main text was about how this RFID was not in any way an invasion of our privacy, and that it had been cleared with the Data Inspectorate.

On one hand, this was encouraging, since privacy obviously was a major topic that needed more text than the simple fact of redecorating our entrance hall.  On the other hand this was discouraging as the privacy invasion is on the part of the company employees who will now be monitored on how much time they use in each house, and this was not the focus.