Our local bus company is part of the t:kort public transport ticket system.  In order to get a bus card, I had to part with quite a lot of information, among this was my home postal address.  And then I lost my bus card.  Someone nice found the card and handed it in to the bus company.  And they kept it, until I dropped in on them to get a new card.  Why they did not send it to me I do not understand.  They had never thought of it, but it would be “difficult”.

And this gets me to the point: why do they register information about me that they have no intention of using?

Having said that, their inept web pages, the really sorry circles you have to jump through and the overall weirdness of their customer support may influence the overall impression I have.  My first run-in with them was when I was unable to order online their card (and I am not a novice Internet user), and phoned them.  The reply was that if I navigated a list of 16 steps, I could order online and then wait for 3-4 weeks as the card was printed and delivered from Germany.  Or I could travel down to their office and get the card in hand within 5 minutes.  In their office they were also willing to take money, since payment is separated from the card with some interesting checking (including the process that will keep refusing you to input money to the card unless you have the correct birth date registered at 2 different locations).  For a while it was impossible to get a card for children, or to pay into someone else’s card.

Let me get back to the point: why register information when it is not used?  Because it seemed like a good idea at the time, and no-one will bother to check if it is used or even complain about lack of use.