The latest Facebook privacy erosions, as illustrated by Matt McKeon, documented Facebook timeline by EFF and commented in 10 reasons to delete your Facebook account are scary. Is this how it felt to have

  1. A small trading post established with a few services on our privacy land?
  2. Trading expeditions exploring where our natural privacy boundaries are?
  3. A few private explorers (like Zynga Games) sent out from the trading posts to check the lay of the land?
  4. Major corporations stake out the land and draw straight lines where the natural lines of the privacy landscape blur and mesh?
  5. Corporations laying down the law in “user agreements”, where the only option was to vote/click yes?
  6. Commissions delivering comments (on EU article 29)?
  7. Someone else sharing my life with others?  If slavery is illegal, can I sue Facebook for selling my (online) life to third parties?

Are we just waiting for the official sanction of the “reality on the ground”?  Will our reality be spheres of influence from the major players (Apple/iTunes, Google, Facebook, Microsoft/MSN and competitors) and some smaller ethnic states with federated login?

I may talk about the hope of Kantara Initative for UMA one day when I am less scared.  Or I may write about what the consequences are for the world when the US people decided to regulate their government, but encourage private corporations to run wild actively explore business opportunities.

But why am I feeling like an African tribe in the late 1800s?