I agreed to put my info in to Facebook because I do care about my relationships to people, and would like to use the platform Facebook provides.  Now there has been too many changes in the privacy settings for me to know anything about what I am sharing and who I am exposing to messages and stuff.

The settings have changed many times, and the changes Facebook has made have required me to take action.  They argue that what has happened is needed for data portability, but I agree with Chris Saad who argues against it in Facebook’s Claims About Data Portability Are False.

The  Norwegian Consumer Council have reported Facebook and Zynga to the Data Protection Agency for break of consumer expectations, arguing that Facebook and Zynga are delivering something significantly different from what people signed up to.

OK, so I did this to me.  I brought the stealing of my life onto my self, by putting effort, content and relationships into Facebook.  But by breaking expectations of privacy, and exposing my friends, I do not feel comfortable with Facebook.  Should I stay in Facebook, and try to get my life back from them (and Zynga), or should I vote with my feet?  I have spent many hours on Facebook, and greatly enjoy the service that makes it possible for me to keep an eye on who is doing what.  The greatest benefit is getting news of my friends, family and acquaintances; and being a part of their lifes.

Do I want my life back? There is no way to do that.  Information does not go away, as those of us know who have at one point said something that should have not been unsaid.  The question should probably rather be can Facebook steal more of my life? or is the damage done, and we move on?