We have been playing some with the ideas related to gathering third party attributes, and what we could enable.  Two important use cases

  • Virtual organizations: Who do I need to collaborate with?  Where do I find the project/VO tools? Where is our common space?
  • Universal access: What are my preferences with regards to text, speech, sign language or video?

The Tabia project presented a prototype using Feide for managing the preference service and oAuth for anonymous sharing of preferences, and with the added benefit of using Feide for SSO between multiple services.  Tabia was discussed at the Kaleido conference in Tromsø today, where a workshop aimed at hashing out the main issues involved with a preference service for universal access, given that children have the right to universal access to individualized education.

My presentation at the workshop centered on identity layer and preference storage (Norwegian language), what is possible when we have both federated identity, oauth and standards for universal access.