Kantara Initiative announced this week that CA Technologies, IBM Corporation, SAP AG and UNINETT pass Kantara Initiative SAML 2.0 Full-Matrix Interoperability Testing, SimpelSAMLphp was chosen as an open source solution to join in the testing, after submitting a proposal for why it is key federation software.

SimpelSAMLphp 1.8 passed Kantara Interoperability testing, and does conform to the IdP lite and SP lite profiles of SAML2.0.  This means that our drive to support federated login in a multi-vendor environment has taken another step in the right direction. Many of the federations in higher education operate with a software monoculture (using Shibboleth, which is really good software), but I believe that for federated solutions to permeate every necessary application we must work with a plethora of solutions. It is most important for this to happen on the service provider (SP) side, since the variations on implementation for web applications is huge.