For Ada Lovelace Day I’d like to point to the eminent work of  Eve Maler in the fields of security,  identity and XML.

Her ability to select the important bits and leave the chaff behind is an example to the rest of us.  If you have not read the Venn of Identity, please have at look at the paper.  The issues of SAML, OpenID and InfoCard are layed out as described in the abstract:

Federated  identity management  lets users dynamically distribute  identity  information across security domains, increasing  the  portability  of  their  digital  identities.  It also  raises new architectural challenges and significant security and privacy issues.

Some recent work that Eve Maler is involved in includes work with (among others) my colleague Andreas Åkre Solberg on an Interoperable SAML 2.0 Web Browser SSO Deployment Profile , where the bare bones of interoperability are laid open for the world to see.

I have yet to meet Eve, but keep track of (some of) her work and knitting by reading her blog.

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